Moog Moog MF-103 Moogerfooger 12 Stage Phaser Effects Processor
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March 11, 2011

 Review by Runaway Rainbow Studio 

Product Price

Product Features
  • RATE rotary control, which varies LFO's frequency over a 250:1 range.
  • AMOUNT rotary control, which adjusts the amount by which the LFO output varies the phaser sweep.
  • SWEEP rotary control, which moves the phaser frequency response over a six-octave range.
  • RESONANCE rotary control, which adjusts the height and sharpness of the peaks of the phaser frequency response.
  • DRIVE rotary control, which adjusts the gain of the audio input to the phaser.
  • OUTPUT LEVEL rotary control, which balances the phaser signals with the bypassed signal.
  • LO-HI rocker switch, which chooses between the low LFO range (0.01 Hz to 2.5 Hz) and the high LFO range (1.0 Hz to 250 Hz).
  • LEVEL, a three-color LED that is used to set the DRIVE control.
  • LFO, a LED that indicates the LFO rate.
  • BYPASS, a two-color LED that tells whether the phaser is active or bypassed.
  • ON/BYPASS, a rugged, smooth-acting "stomp switch."

First Impressions
This thing is built very solid like a pedal that would survive a nuclear blast! It comes with a host of features that you won't see in many other phaser pedals. The knobs are well placed and are big enough that you could feel comfortable making adjustments in a live setup without bumping into the other controls. When its powered on the 3 led's that indicate the LFO rate, the bypass status, and level are plenty bright for even the darkest of venues.

In Use
From the first moment you plug this pedal in you are transported back in time! This thing is lush! I initially plugged a guitar into the pedal and was instantly pleased this will really fatten up a simple chord structure or you can increase the lfo rate and amount and get a very bubbly lead sound. The next thing I tried it on was the bass. I plugged it in and realized that I was pushing the pedal pretty hard as the level light stayed red but I was shocked to not hear an immense amount of ear grinding distortion it actually provided a very controlled overdriven sound in conjunction with the phasing effect. It was not but a few bass notes later that I realized this is an amazing pedal that has so many applications itís insane! The feature that sets this apart from any other phaser pedal on the market is that you have the ability to control all the parameters with an expression pedal such as the Moog MP-201 and you could really get some interesting textures for a live performance!

  • Great sound
  • Awesome build quality
  • This pedal is destined to become a classic over the years!

  • Kinda pricey at $300 but its well worth it!

This is a great phaser and will get you very close to those vintage phasers of the 70's that are astronomically priced now! I actually wish I had 2 of these one for the studio and one for live use!

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