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Chameleon Labs 7720 Compressor
 PRO Review by Tony SanFilippo  11/04/2008

The fine folks at Chameleon Labs have made yet another great, affordable piece. The 7720 is a stereo compressor based read more...

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Chameleon Labs TS-1 Microphone
 PRO Review by Jay Matheson  03/18/2008

This mic seems like one of the best bang for the buck small diaphragm condensers around. Great for drum overheads read more...

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Avant Electronics CK - 40 Stereo Microphone
 PRO Review by Joel Patterson  12/19/2007

Stereo mic with an infinity of uses--and probably more than that! And--mid-side as you've never mid-sided before. read more...

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Frontier Design Group AlphaTrack Control Surface
 PRO Review by Dave Brenneman  11/26/2007

The AlphaTrack is a control surface with a single fader, three rotary encoders, a jog/shuttle strip read more...

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Chameleon Labs 7602 Preamp
 PRO Review by Tony SanFilippo  11/13/2007

Chameleon Labs' first product, the 7602 mic pre / DI / EQ, goes after the "Neve-A-Like" crowd with a design based read more...

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Blue Microphones Woodpecker Microphone
 PRO Review by Jay Matheson  11/08/2007

BLUE enters the ribbon arena with a phantom powered, high output sound read more...

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Logitech G7 Computer Accessory
 PRO Review by Ladia Svajcik  10/18/2007

A high performance wireless mouse priced within reach.In an environment where you need to pinpoint just the exact pixel read more...

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Red Microphones Type B Microphone
 PRO Review by Chris Garges  10/11/2007

RED offers a versatile kit that offers choice of sounds and ease of use, read more...

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RME Micstasy Preamp
 PRO Review by Bob Moore  10/10/2007

The designer of this box was obviously looking very carefully at the APHEX 1788/1788A as the inspiration for the design. read more...

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Avant Electronics CV-12 Microphone
 PRO Review by Joel Patterson  09/17/2007

A $500 tube mic that shatters all expectations--astonishing for vocals, with layers of functionality and tweakery beyond read more...