Aviom Pro64 on Tour with Luke Bryan
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April 5, 2010

Sullivan uses three Aviom 6416m Mic Input Modules in three separate small racks that are placed left, center and right on the stage. The input modules are interconnected with Cat-5 cable running A-Net®, allowing for convenient connections of the performers' mics and instruments, minimizing long copper wire runs and simplifying setup and teardown. The A-Net signal is transported via Cat-5 to three 6416Y2 A-Net Interface Cards in a Yamaha® M7CL digital console to drive the monitor system, where the mix is controlled locally for onstage in-ear systems. Monitor engineer Ed Janiszewski remotely controls the 6416m mic preamps directly from the Yamaha console using m-control™ for Yamaha digital consoles.

Because the Pro64 system is an audio network, Sullivan has a number of unique interconnect options. In the past to get the mic signals to front of house, Sullivan would need to split the mic signal at least twice, and then route it down a 300-foot copper snake to the FOH mic pre, compromising microphone performance. Now, with the addition of two Aviom 6416o Output Modules, each offering 16 balanced mic- or line-level analog outputs, connecting the performers' mics to the main FOH board is a breeze and Sullivan adds, "as far as the microphones are concerned, they only ever see one mic preamp. We can split the signal as much as we like in the digital domain without ever loading the microphones down excessively."

The switch to Aviom yielded results on stage as well. "The band members all commented on the great sound from the Aviom 6416m mic pre," explains Sullivan. "They had used an older, high-quality analog console for a while and were not too pleased about switching to a digital desk. When we added the Aviom mic pres and began using the Aviom system clock, the audio for their monitor mixes was not only restored, but was in fact surpassed. Needless to say we are very happy with the sound quality."

For Sullivan, however, the real benefit comes from the flexibility the system gives them as the tour travels from city to city. "Presently, we are not carrying a front of house console, so we are relying on a 'desk du jour' supplied by the local sound company," states Sullivan. "Aviom's Pro64 is an extremely powerful tool for us because the system makes all inputs and outputs available throughout the entire system at all times. This means that I can run a Cat-5 cable from any A-Net box anywhere on the stage to a pair of 6416o output units that we place either next to the FOH stage box or right out front on the doghouse of the front of house desk. We have a pair of short XLR fan-out snakes to connect the Aviom 6416o outputs to the stage box or FOH console to deliver crystal clear audio. Aviom has allowed us to shed our long copper runs, making setup and take down very efficient. In every way the Aviom Pro64 has made monitoring and setup easy."

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