Ernie Franks -

Acoustic Guitar, Clean Guitar & Distorted Guitar

Ernie is a full time musician. For the last 3 years Ernie has mostly been doing solo acoustic gigs. For the Acoustic sessions Ernie played a Martin Shenandoa  guitar with Elixer Polyweb medium (.13) strings and used a Jim Dunlop (green) heavy pick. For the Electric sessions Ernie played a .......



Sean Travolta -

Hip-Hop Vocals

Shawn is an artist that has many various sides to his music. It's militant, socially and politically conscious. Shawn is often criticized for saying things that no one else would but that's what makes Travolta - Travolta!

"I'm not a rapper I'm and expressionist"

    Kenley Young -

Male Vocals

Kenley has been a part of Columbia's rock scene since the late 90's and is currently working on a new project called How to Vanish. Before starting How to Vanish Kenley was busy with another project called Fling. Kenley began How to Vanish in 2004 and since then has been writing new material, revamping old Fling tunes and playing with new faces in town.

    Lindsey Brown

Female Vocals

Lindsey is a vocal music education student at the University of South Carolina. Originally from Opelik, Alabama, Lindsey now lives in Columbia, SC where she is enjoying the local music scene.