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ADK Microphones


ADK MicrophonesUSA
4130 SW 117th Ave #442
Beaverton OR 97005-8999


FAX: 1-360-326-1602


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ADK has an abiding interest in pushing forward the science and technology in the pursuit of euphonic excellence. Our methodology is based on the Henry Steinway idea to marry the craft of woodworking with the theories of physicist Helmholtz -- Art and Science seamlessly integrating for a common goal!! ADK has morphed this idea into the concept of a continuous feed-back loop between Artists, Sound Engineers, and Design Engineers. Using this methodology, our Golden-Ears do all the Fine-Tuning!!!

ADK is a collaboration of Musicians, Producers, Sound Engineers and Design Engineers. It is the sum-total of it's community of like-minded end-users seeking to improve their craft. The Sole Mission is to build an Optimal Signal-Chain without the Ridiculous Price Tag. We're unabashedly old-school bare-wire-theory take-the-picture-right "sound-painters". Musicians run the place, which is what definitely gives ADK its unique character. Listen to some recent CD's Tracked on ADK and let us know what You think!!

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