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Audeum Digital Audio Workstations are premier audio computers designed specifically for live and studio recording environments. Each Audeum system is built from the ground up, designed with hand picked and tested components with stability, performance and expandability in mind.

Unlike other companies, every Audeum system is hand built and tested in house by a certified Audeum engineer. Audeum engineers are more than just builders; they are experts in the field of high performance digital audio workstations.

Audeum engineers are available to assist customers with system designandintegration, implementation, trouble shooting, and any technical questions clients may have.

Audeum systems are deigned for the greatest amount of flexibility, expandability and longevity. However, as we all know, computer technology advances rapidly and about the time you settle into your new system, you find out it is outdated and the components have become obsolete. With this in mind Audeum has created the Audeum Upgrade Program. Audeum customers have the ability, at any time, to upgrade their systems component with the newest components available on the market for nothing more than the cost of the parts and shipping. That's right labor is 100% free!

If you own an Audeum system,support is nothing more than a phone call away. However, Audeum has taken it one step further and every Audeum owner is given a private support phone number to use if they ever have a problem or need an answer to a question. If you call you will speak directly with an IT professional who can handle your problem immediately and you will not be routed around and ultimately placed on "death" hold. Best of all phone support is free and unlimited.

Because Audeum cares about keeping your system optimized and running at its best, all Audeum owners can send their system into Audeum for a regular service tune-up. Each service includes running system diagnostics and checking for problems, thorough cleaning of case and components, disk cleaning and defrags, system backups, driver and software updates, and optimizing the OS with the latest tweaks. The small cost of this service by far outweighs the years of flawless performance you will receive from your Audeum system.

Audeum systems carry a warranty to be proud of. All new Audeum systems are warranted against defects in materials for 2 years and because Audeum builders are so confident in their builds, workmanship is warranted for a lifetime. For added peace of mind, extended "bumper-to-bumper" material warranties can be purchased. Audeum stands behind their systems and their warranty policy reflects it.

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