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Ensomberoom (The)
SW Ft. Wayne, off I69
Ft. Wayne
260 467 0569
by appointment
$30.00/hour or $250/day
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Ensomberoom (The)'s Info

The Ensomberoom is a unique fully functional recording studio, very similar to any other professional recording facility, without all the high costs and overhead involved in traditional studios.
-24 (or more, if required) Track Hard Disk - High Definition - Digital Audio Recorder. (Mackie HDR24/96).
-Complete nondestructive graphic waveform editing.
-Recorded audio fully compatible with most other formats - ProTools, Analog, other digital workstations... (.WAV Files are compatible with every other digital recording format (so you could track with me and mix your tracks elsewhere if you wanted, or vise-versa).
-72 Channel Digital Mixing Console with total automation, EQ and Dynamics on every channel, effects processing, endless flexibility, superior sound (Mackie Digital8Bus).
-MANY good condenser, capacitor, tube, ribbon, and dynamic microphones (mics for any and every need).
-(16) Class A Outboard Microphone Preamplifiers (very high quality), (in addition to 12 preamps on the console).
-Tube and Solid state processing available (warm it up, cool it down, make it phat, or cold and thin).
-Classic Outboard Dynamics Processors
-Digital and Analog Mastering Recorders.
-Outboard effects processors by Lexicon, T.C. Electronics, and Sony .
-Waves Professional DAW Plugins (ALL).
-9) High-quality headphones (you'll clearly hear everything you need to when tracking!).
-Separate rooms for complete isolation of instruments, Live tracking room can accommodate an entire band w/drums.
-Superior Monitoring Systems.
-Superior Analog to Digital Conversion
-Relaxed environment (non-smoking inside).
-Instruments available (full 9-piece drumset, amps, more).
-Located right off I-69; close to restaurants, alcohol, and cheap lodging (if needed)!!

Ensomberoom (The)'s Engineer Info

As an Audio Engineer, I've obtained many satisfied clients, about 13 years of (serious) experience in recording and mixing, and I am learning new techniques all the time, on my own and in the field, always striving to improve myself. I have been professionally trained, and have taken a year-long apprenticeship course shadowing a local audio engineer. I have a life-long passion for music, and all that relates to it. I have performed in many successful bands, such as: Daisy Cutter, Siktodeth, Fog, The Lurking Corpses, Nokturnel, Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse, as well as many other local bands and studio projects (I have been on both sides of the "glass" many times). I know my equipment inside and out and have built some of my own gear. I can also travel as an audio engineer for hire, or as a producer for your next album at a studio of your choice, all at unbeatable rates.
My main goal is to help-out bands of the underground (and above) to create great sounding recordings that will not break their budget. I can surely offer a fair price. It all depends on the amount of work and time involved. I have a serious passion for recording and engineering. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.

Ensomberoom (The)'s Gear Info

Amps and Cabs
Marshall JCM800 100W 2203X Reissue 1960A JCM900 Cab Peavey 5150 16Ohm Cab Vox Pathfinder Line6 Spider

Distressor Chameleon Labs 7720 dbx 160x, 160A BSS Opal DPR422 (2) Symetrix 501 (2) Ashly SC50 FMR RNC ART LevelarPro (w/upgraded tubes)

Mackie Digital8Bus Tascam FW-1884 Furman HDS6 Headphone Amp Alesis Multimix6FX

Apogee AD16X

Direct Boxes
Yamaha PM1000 (2) Presonus MP20 ART TubeMP ProCo DB1 and DB4

Ashly SC66A Furman PQ6 dbx 231 Yamaha PM1000

Sony MDR7506 (3), MDR7505, MDR7502 AGK K240, K240S Beyerdymanic DT880M

Yamaha EX5, Cort Guitar, Ibenez Bass, Yamaha Acoustic (nothing special).

Lots of great dynamic, condenser, ribbon, and tube mics available by Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, EV, Rode, Shure, Audio Technica, CAD, Audix, BLUE, and more!

FastlaneUSB, Yamaha EX5, PowerBook G4

Miscellaneous Gear
Quad-Core PC, Folcrom Summing Mixer, Everything integrated into a TT patchbay, Mac PowerBookG4, Ddrum4 Acoutic Drum Triggering system w/9 triggers,

Monitoring Systems
JBL4328P, Event 20/20BAS, Mackie HRS120, crappy Realistic powered computer monitors

Outboard Effects
Sony DSPV55 Lexicon MPX550 T.C. Electronics DTwo Mackie MFX, UFX

Langevin Dual Vocal Combo Seventh Circle: (4) A12, (4) N72 (True API and NEVE Clones), (2) C84 Yamaha PM1000 (2 Racked) Presonus MP20 ART TubeMP (12) Mackie D8B on-board pres

Recorders and DAWs
Mackie HDR24/96 (Hard disk) Quad-Core PC with Cubase 5 Alesis Masterlink (Hard disk) Alesis ADATXT20 (SVHS Digital) Otari MTR10 (Analog 1/4" Tape) Sony PCMR500 (DAT) CubaseSX3

yes, lots.

Ensomberoom (The)'s Clients Include:

-Question of Madness-
-The End Times Spasm Band-
-Parasitic Twin-
-Let the Trees Burn-
-Strigoi Vii-
-Infernal Stronghold-
-Exterminate All Rational Thought-
-The Old Crown Brass Band-
-In the Face of War- (mixing)
-Hello Hero-
-The Chasm- (tracking/engineering, co-mixed)
-Coffin Worm- (mastering)
-Utah Spirit Babys-
-Body Check-
-November Flight-
-Castles- (tracking, mixing)
-Pussydarts- (mixing/mastering)
-Seventh Realm-
-Critical Response Team- (mastering)
-No Wave (Munashii)-
-The Staggerers-
-Axis and Allies-
-Half Gorilla- (tracking, mixing)
-Slow Motion Enslavement- (mastering)
-Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity- (Re-mastering)
-Party Foul-
-The Freezing Scene-
-Recorded Recordings Records-
-The Poseidon Adventure-
-Missing Murderers- (mixing)
-The Mauderators-
-Last Chance at Failure-
-Resonance Quartet-
-Relapse Records-
-N.M.B. Records-
-Cheap Bastard Squad-
-Ty Causey- (tracking)
-A Plaid Kiss-
-Jinx and the Back Alley Cats-
-Grave Robber-
-Six Lives Out-
-The Alien Dead-
-Imminent Demise- (tracking, mixing)
-3 Simple Words-
-Kevin Hambrick-
-The Dream is Dead-
-Dark Monarchy-
-Graves of the Endless Fall-
-Systematic Overthrow-
-The Lurking Corpses-
-Formaldehyde Sleep-
-Somnambulist Red-
-Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse-
-Double Down-
-Spiritual Decay-
-All Pain Aside-

Ensomberoom (The)'s Services Include:

Recording and Mixing
Remote Recording
Live Sound Engineering
Audio Transfers
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