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Studio24's Info

Studio 24 is a full service recording and songwriting studio located in Nurnberg germany catering to private and corporate clients.

The studio consists of two digital rooms and a live recording hall for bands choirs and other live situations. We also offer digital production training, piano,percussion,songwriting,and podcasting training
Also for bands that need a rehearsal room the live hall can be rented on an hourly basis.

We have a small team of seasoned producers who have been in the buisness for over 10 years working with clients from major european and american record labels on our staff that can bring handle just about any direction or project you desire.

The CEO and senior engineer,musician and producer Vernon D Hill has worked with a wealth of national and international recording artist from europe and America for the past 20 years and has experience in the live as well as the studio enviornment.
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after serving as cheif engineer in america and touring thourghout the US europe and asia
Vernon decided to relocate back to europe with his family he is now working on his first european project with fellow producer Tobias Koch (Romanto) of Romanto Records and the debut group "DubPunx" which is to be released europe wide this coming fall 2009.
Along with other upcoming projects such as "Kabus" Founder of the platinum selling group "Cartel" Kerim Yuzar with his brand of turkish hiphop,
Also a Compilation of Detroit hiphop and soul legends called "The otherside of the glass" featuring artists such as JDilla, Slum Village,Dwele, Samiyyah D and many more also set for release this fall.

we are currently developing podcasts shows that we be availible at the itunes store for download this fall
featuring artist interviews music and upcoming releases events and tour dates.

Feel free to call or email us to make a booking.
(outside of Germany)+49 911 3216693

Studio24's Engineer Info

Vernon D Hill


Slum Village (“Trinity “Past Present and Future)
Released 2003 - Capitol Priority Records
Co- produced, Keyboardist, Engineer.

Slum Village (“Detroit Deli)
Released 2004 Capitol records
Keyboard, Sound Engineer

Dwele (“subject”) released 2003 Virgin Records
Engineer (Musical director for the tour
(Timotheus Entertainment.)

Phatt Katt (“Undeniable”) Barak records
Released 2004.
Co- produced and Sound Engineer.

Calvin Richardson (“4:30a.m.”).
Released 2003 Hollywood /Disney records Recording Engineer

Mike Marshall (“If I Could Get the Chance”)
Released 1999 BMG (Europe)

Joy Denalane (“Time Heals the Pain”)
Released 1998 BMG (Europe)
Co producer, keyboardist , Engineer.

DJ Romanto (“Out of the Drum”)
Released 1998 BMG (Europe)
Engineer, Keyboards.

KJ Dallaway & friends (“KJ Dallaway & friends Live”)
Released 2004 Independent (Europe)
Co produced, Keyboards, Engineer.

Greg Dokes (“Pleasure”)
Released 2005 - Independent - Engineer, Keyboards.

Dwele (“Some Kinda”)
Released 2005 Virgin Records - Engineer.

Black Milk (“Sound of The City”)
Released 2005 independent. -Engineer.

Lawless Element
Released 2005
Engineer, Keyboard.

T3 ('Olio)
released 2007
Engineer Keyboards

Tours: USA/Europe/Middle East

(1) Family Tree Tour Goodvibe Records, Barak Records,
Timotheus Entainment
(2) Okay Player Tour (The Roots) MCA Records
Lucy Pearl Tour Atlantic Records

(3) D’Angelo “Voodoo Tour” MCA Records

(4) Mos Def and Bernie Worrel MTV’s Lyrics Lounge Tour

Recent Tours Continued : Vernon D. Hill

(5) Dwele Subject Tour Virgin Records, Barak Records

(6) Montreux Jazz Festival “Dwele” - Virgin Records

(7) North Sea Jazz festival(Holland) “Dwele” - Virgin records

(8) Some Kinda tour “Dwele” Timotheus Ent – Virgin Records
(9) Temptations Televiv, Israel - Private (end of 2005)

E. Media (Television/Video)

• Orlando Jones show “Dwele”- Virgin records
• Soul Train “Dwele” - Virgin records
• MTV Base Lounge UK “Dwele” - Virgin records
• BBC Radio with Giles Peterson “Dwele” - Virgin Records
• Music choice T.V. Slum Village - Barak Records
• Jimmy Kimmel show “Dwele” – Virgin Records
• VH1 Unplugged “Dwele” - Virgin Records
• MTV Unplugged “Dwele” - Virgin Records
• BET Live “Dwele” - Virgin Records
• XM Radio “Dwele” – Virgin Records
• TEL AVIV TV “Temptations”
Dwele Sketches of a man tour 2007

Studio24's Gear Info

Amps and Cabs
please call for type of amps you need

Manley VOXBOX SPL Avalon

Yamaha O2R Yamaha pro mix 01 Presonus M80

AKG, Sony Audio technica

Korg triton le 88 keys Korg Ms 2000 Korg mono poly yamaha motif rack Roland XV 50-50 Roland MC 303 Roland Sn 700 noise eliminator Roland s 760 sampler Waldorf microwave Emu planet phatt Ensoniq ASR 10 Rack MPC 2000XL Ebtech line level shifter Millinieum congas and misc. percussion

Neuman U 87 behringer C1 Sm 57

emagic amt 8 Mark of the unicorn midi time piece(x2)

Miscellaneous Gear
Mac G5,(dual) Mac G4,(x2) mac 9600 furman power conditioner (x3) Behringer 8 channel headphone amplifier

Monitoring Systems
Yamaha NS-10 KRK Rockit 8

Outboard Effects

Recorders and DAWs
M audio,Digidesign

Logic 8 pro, Cubase , Reason Abelton live 4, Pro tools 7.4 midiquest

Studio24's Clients Include:

Slum village
Rico Sparks(Snap)
Joy Delalane
D flame
Dj Doc Tone
Big daddie
Kerim Yuzar "Cartel"
John Davis
Sedat (Sony records turkey)
Phat Kat
J Dilla
Calvin Richardson
Black Milk
Dee Jay Dez
Virgin records
Capitol records
Cornerstone records
BMG/Sony records
Illa J
Angela Milster
Lawless Element (Baby Grande records)
Jennie Laws
Carti Boys
MC Serch
Raz Kas
D 112
Rasta Roots
MC Breed
BR gunner
Mike Marshall (luniz timex social club)
Andre frappier (Guitarist Neyo)
Sunay Balkan
Mini Mall gmbh

Studio24's Services Include:

Recording and Mixing
Live Sound Engineering
Audio Transfers
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