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Liquid Sound Studios's Info

Liquid Sound Studios (LSS) is a fully professional recording studio and production company located fifteen minutes outside Louisville,KY in beautiful Southern Indiana. We offer professional results at very low costs to our customers and provide a full range of gear from outboard processing to drums and guitar amplifiers. LSS offers full production of services -- from tracking, editing, mixing, to mastering. Our studio recently celebrated it's first year of being public after five years as a private recording studio. You would have to travel miles away to find competing quality and professionalism for these prices.

At LSS we utilize today's cutting edge digital technology with a combination of new and vintage analog equipment. Everything is processed first through our forty-eight channel analog mixing console. We recently added a 24 track MCI JH-16 2 inch tape machine. Our initial tracks can be cut on 2 inch analog tape and then dumped into digital for any amount of on screen editing. Come experience the warmth of analog for yourself. Please contact us for rates and booking information.

Liquid Sound Studios's Engineer Info

Owner - head engineer - producer - Tyler Morrison has worked with some of the best producers and engineers in the music business. The likes of record producers Clyde Brooks - (studio drumming legend), Jeff Tomei - (Smashing Pumpkins, Matchbox 20, Jerry Cantrell, Collective Soul), and David Z - (Prince, Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Chris Duarte). Engineers such as Peter Coleman - (a mainstay at Treasure Isle Recorders in Nashville,TN) and Tom Baker - (Stone Temple Pilots, Hoobastank, Fuel, Beastie Boys). This is a small list of some of his mentors.

Tyler is a classically trained cellist of fifteen years having performed with the Louisville Orchestra by age seventeen. He has studied drums/percussion for over twenty two years. Over the past twenty three years he has managed to master everything from mandolin, keys, to acoustic/electric guitar as well as bass guitar. Being such a well rounded musician is the reason his mixing and engineering set him apart from the rest of the crowd. He also owns his own publishing company that is affiliated with the largest publishing company in the world, BMI Music New York.

Tyer is also very into the art of audio education. He offers non - credit courses through Indiana University that meet two hours each week for a period of five weeks. These classes offer each student time at the console and the opportunity to work along side head engineer, Tyler Morrison. Individual workshops are offered for those who like one - on - one personal attention. Please contact.

Tyler was on the panel to select the regional and national 2005 Heinekin Amster Jam Band Battle winners. The Louisville, KY regional winner was awarded ten free hours here at our state of the art recording facilities. The national winner received a spot at the Amster Jam Music Festival in New York and the opportunity to open for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and 311 on the main stage. LSS was also a sponsor of the Rustic Frog Local Stage at the 2005 New Rock 105.1 WLRS Festival.

Liquid Sound Studios's Gear Info

Amps and Cabs
Marshall 4x12 cab, 1980 Fender 75 Combo 2x12, 1966 Kustom Charger Combo 1x12, 1964 Kustom 250 w/ 2x15 cab, 1966 Vox Essex Combo 2x12, 1963 Kustom 200 w/ 3x15 cab, 1964 Fender Bassman w/ 2x12 cab, Orange Crush 15 1x10, Vox T-25 combo 1x12, Ampeg SVT-15EN 1x15, Hartke HS410BT 4x10, SWR 1x12 Combo, Trace Elliot Series 6 AH300, Gallien Kruger 400RB-III, Vox AC-1, Vintage Marshall Lead 12 w/ 2x10 cab,

Mackie 48 Channel 8 Bus Analog Console

Direct Boxes
Country Man Type 85 FET Direct Box, ADB+8 Active Direct Box, Rapco DB-100 Direct Box (x2)

1986 Pearl MLX Professional Series House Drum Kit Pure Maple Shells, All Zildjian Cymbals, 1996 Pearl 50th Anniversary Snare Drum, 1920's 29" and 31" Ludwig Tympani, 1960's Ludwig Silver Sparkle Kit, Circa 1950 Hohner Reed Organ,

Miscellaneous Gear
Antares ATR-1

Monitoring Systems
Mackie HR824 Near Field Monitors, Yamaha NS-A1235

Recorders and DAWs
Apple Mac Pro Quad 3.0 Ghz, Mackie HDR 24/96 (x2), 1977 24 Track MCI JH-16 2 Inch Tape Machine w/ Autolocator, Sony CDR-W33, Sony PCM 300 DAT, Panasonic SV-3800 DAT, Fostex D-80

Mackie HDR Pro

Liquid Sound Studios's Clients Include:

Red Saturday

Catch Kennedy

Indiana University

Fox Television Network

Chamber Flow


Between Two Lions

Halfway Hollow

Crimson Dust

Smokin' Joe


Better Than Bedlam

All Over Jimmy

Hearsay Theory

Lost In Eden


Grammy Nominee Will Callery

Sacred Sorrow

The Funk Junkies

Krystal Onyx

Garl Graf

Andrew Shelby

Liquid Sound Studios's Services Include:

Recording and Mixing
Live Sound Engineering
CD Duplication
Audio Transfers
Graphic Design CD/DVD
Web Design
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