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Software & Effects DAW Multi-Track, Plug-Ins, Stand Alone FX

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Alan Moon
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Just looking back through all the threads, I want to share some thoughts...

I really think that WUP is a pretty awesome thing. It used to be something that I never would have considered since it would have cost me thousands to update a Diamond Bundle TDM from version 5 to Version 7. Then they changed it to the $200 cap. LOTS of plugins have been added to that bundle alone that MORE than justify spending a measly $200 (in the scheme of things) to update your investment.

The real benefit comes when you work your way to owning a Mercury license through a Client-Specific-Upgrade path (membership has it's benefits). Think of all that they release annually that immediately becomes a part of that bundle. Again, $200 is nothing when you really consider what you are getting in the end. Don' want to spend it? Don't.

The thing that we all have to remember is that we are not BUYING the software. We are purchasing a license to use the software. Just like you may purchase the physical medium of a DVD which holds the film you can watch until the cows come home; but you don't OWN the film contained on the physical medium that you purchased which contains the license to view it ("FBI Warning", and all that jazz).

So, calling WUP a scam is not fair and it's not true. It's a good plan and worth every penny when you really consider the benefits, all of which I have not outlined here. Check it out here: Front End Audio Waves Information
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