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I'm Here, Now What?
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Originally Posted by jahjahblessed View Post
I'm recording male solo artist, but after recording the vocal sound flat. I've recorded different track with different tone, also used wave doubler but still sound flat, the vocal are just sitting there, not upfront unless this is done during mastering or mixing, can someone please help me thank you in advance. bless.
can you move the singer closer to the mike? The ksm44 has a strong proximity effect that should bring the vocal right up front the closer you get.
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I'm Here, Now What?
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I suggest you need to compress the vocal harder and maybe add some more top end - a shelving filter raising everything above 10k adds air and a little bump at about 3k adds clarity and up-front-ness. Then maybe a tiny touch of a small plate reverb to add depth? Making a vocal stand proud should be pretty easy!
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Originally Posted by pcbg007 View Post
Hello Mike,

I saw your post with very useful advices given to a member.

I'm also encountering problems in getting my vocal track sound right.

Is it possible to seek your help by sending you my vocal wave file and music accompaniment file separately. I'll greatly appreciate if you can help me eq and rvb them to the optimum output to sound great, and advice me also the levels you set for the eq and rvb to achieve what's best for my vocal. From then on, I could use that as a guide for my own vocal.

Thanks very much.

Warmest Regards, Pete
hi there, man.. i am soo sorry that i didn't see your post in time,.. i am going back and forth .. gigs/ studio / company / many things to take care of.. please let me know IF / how i can help...

even IF you finished your product you can still send me whatever you want for teh argument sake IF you are interested to know MY point of view.

let me know IF you need may email..
best regards..

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