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first eq

what do you recommend for a first eq?
something for tracking and mix buss?
Hammer eq?
API 5500?
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Alan Moon
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Originally Posted by dillon View Post
what do you recommend for a first eq?
something for tracking and mix buss?
Hammer eq?
API 5500?
Well, anything A Designs is pretty much awesome. The best value I've seen in equalizers is the A Designs EM-EQ2. What I think is so great about it is that it's basically a dual-channel solid-state Pultec. So, no noise and all the basic character of shaping. Not having the tube components happening makes it a little tighter and a little less 3D, but my feeling is that what little may be lost from the original (a Tube-Tech PE1C is a fantastic alternative without the headaches of excessive noise and maintenance) leaves more versatility to be gained. The EM-EQ2 is beautiful on the mix bus, but does wonders on kick drum, acoustic guitar, vocals, snare, overheads and rooms... the list goes on.

For something a little more versatile in a traditional console style EQ, the Great River EQ-1NV, EQ-2NV, or a pair of Rupert Neve Designs 5033. Both of these really have that great ability to get in there and really carve out whatever you want gone. I also really like the EQ in the Vintech X73 and X73i. Absolutely a killer on kick drums. The preamp certainly doesn't suck, either
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